The work distinguishes itself by means of thorough preparations concerning content. Depending on the nature of the assignment, projects are to a more or lesser degree interactive, but always carefully pointed at the content. Kinkorn collaborates with typo-graphs, lighting-designers, stylists, photographers and scriptwriters. Kinkorn thinks up concepts, designs, and works as an intermediary when it comes to selecting and supporting the party's involved in putting plans into effect, regarding the projects; in the area of construction as well as hardware and software, lettering, mounting and lighting. Budgeting and budgetary control in these matters is something that goes without saying. Kinkorn was founded in 1988 by Maarten Meevis (1964) who graduated in design from Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. Kinkorn is a select studio for museum- and exhibition design. It always forms a taskforce based on four people with strict dedication to one assignment. Kinkorn has a rich experience in topics, they vary from religious art to armory, from shipbuilding to Van Gogh and from design to prison-history. Kinkorn designs on the basic principle of content, priority on content makes it necessary to fully understand the topic. Therefore it has chosen to cooperate with staff, conservators and scholars in an early stage and to discuss concepts rather then dictate them. Next step is to link content and design in a way that visitors enjoy the exhibition, take part and experience the meaning of what is shown. In design Kinkorn uses all disciplines and media necessary to tell the specific story. The design invites visitors to feel, see and hear the exhibition and from time to time they can just sit and watch the show. Kinkorn has a close harmony relationship with studios for ligthing design, audiovisuals and interactives. Kinkorn feels free to connect to any specialist, enjoys webbing and clustering skills.